Brewer Railroad Plans

Trackside Structures Photos

Small Coaling Derick

 This small coaling derrick was built by L. Smith for his L & J Railroad in Australia.

Small setups like this were used on branch lines, Coal was brought in and removed from an ore car by shoveling & the bucket, then the same method was used to fill the locomotive tender, man-power was cheap then! 

Hand car shed / tool shed










L. Smith also built this handcar shed. It can be built this way, with double doors for handcar access, or with a single man door as a tool shed.

Speeder Shed

 To the left is a speeder shed built by I. Galbraith for his layout in New Zealand. 

 Large scale speeder shed









The speeder shed on the right is an enlargement of our plans, it was built for the P&VA live steam railroad which is to 1:7 scale.

These small building help to complete the scene on any railroad. they are simple to build and add realistic details.

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